Part two - The Post-Privatisation period

The post-privatisation period saw significant changes to both the traction used to haul the regular services and also to the wagons themselves.


The most noticeable change during this period was in the livery worn by the wagon fleet following Lafarge’s purchase of Redland Aggregates in 1997. This saw the PGAs lose their iconic green paint scheme which was replaced by an all over white livery. Gradually the fleet gained the new white livery over the preceding years.


This period saw a variety of traction used to haul the services from Mountsorrel to the main receiving terminals at Radlett, Elstow, Trowse, Kennet and Barham. Initially under the Trainload freight company Mainline and then latterly under the new English, Welsh & Scottish Railway company. EWS and DB Schenker, following the purchase of the company by DB Schenker, continue to operate the aggregates services out of Mountsorrel to this present day.
For a brief period in the mid-2000s, the PGAs could be seen operating out of Peak Forest.


DB Schenker acquired the wagon fleet and as newer bogie wagon hoppers entered service the PGA wagon’s use on aggregate services out of Mountsorrel reduced significantly. August 2016 saw the final few PGA workings out of Mountsorrel to East Anglia ending what had been a long association with these iconic wagons.

Early in 2017 the PGAs could still be seen in other parts of the network being used by DB Schenker.


Below are some examples of historical prototype train formations from the post-privitisation period from 1996 until early 2017.


5th of September 1996, 58022 6M25 Trowse to Mountsorrel Redland empties, 15 PG012As, 4 PG013Gs and 1 PG009A.

60078 Trowse to Mountsorrel empties, mixed rake of PGA wagons, September 1996.

15th of April 1997, 60005 Trowse to Mountsorrel, 28 PG012As, 3 PG013Gs and 1 PG009A.

27th of September 1997, 60005 6C31 Mountsorrel to Radlett Redland stone train, mixed rake of PGA wagons.

9th of March 1998, 60013 6M25 Trowse to Mountsorrel empties, 8 PG012As, 4 PG013Gs and 1 PG009A.

28th of September 1998, 56090 6H44 Kennett/Barham - March Down Yard, 15 PG012As, 5 PG013Gs.

19th of April 1999, 47286 6Y41 March Up Yard - Berham/Kennett, 20 PG012As, 1 PG009A and 2 PG013Es.

60031 Mountsorrel empties, mixed rake of PGAs, 1999

25th of October 1999, 58020 6L39 Mountsorrel to Trowse, mixed rake of PGAs.

7th of September 2001, 60078 6L39 Mountsorrel - Trowse , mixed rake of PGAs.

2nd of October 2001, 60068 6L39 Mountsorrel - Trowse, mixed rake of PGAs.

16th of August 2002, 60026 6L39 Mountsorrel - Trowse, 28 PG012As and 2 PG009As.

4th of January 2003, 60037 08:34 Mountsorrel to Radlett, mixed rake of PGAs.

22nd of June 2003, 60014, 6L39 Mountsorrel - Trowse, mixed rake of PGAs.

9th of July 2004, 66608 Dowlow to Eggborough PS 4 HHAs and 21 PGAs. .

2nd of June 2006, 66039 6D32 Elstow-Mountsorrel, 32 PG012As, 10 PG013Gs and 1 PG009A.

2nd of March 2009, 66152 6L40 Mountsorrel to Trowse, mixed rake of PGAs.

25th of September 2009, 60073, 6V79 Marks Tey-Acton Yard, mixed rake of PGAs.

27th of March 2011,66021, 6V79 09.55 Marks Tey-Hayes, mixed rake of PGAs.

21st of March 2012, 60049 6L39 Mountsorrel to Trowse, 4 PGAs and 5 ex-RMC JGAs.

11th of April 2012, 60074 6M67 Broxbourne to Mountsorrel with 15 PGAs, 14 PG012As and 1 PG009A.

16th of March 2013, 60099 6D32 Elstow to Mountsorrel, 32 PG012As, 3 PG013Gs, 3 JGAs.

7th of January 2015, 60065 6L47 Mountsorrel Sidings to Trowse Yard mixed rake of PGAs.

20th of May 2015, 66168 6M67 1150 Broxbourne to Mountsorrel, 15 PG012As, 1 PG013G and 10 DB HKAs.

24th of July 2015, 66185 6L39 Mountsorrel to Trowse, mixed rake of PGAs.

30th of June 2016, 66149 6Y08 Broxbourne to Mountsorrel, 23 PG012As and 1 PG009A.

20th of May 2016, 66040 Radlett to Mountsorrel, mixed rake including HOAs, PGAs and an ex-RMC JGA.

18th of June 2016, 66138, 14:15 Barham to Mountsorrel, 1 PGA and 5 HOAs.

1 August 2016 - 66019 on 6L39, 06:37, Mountsorrel Sdgs - Trowse Yard Redland Siding (11:51) - loaded stone (5 HOA, 5 PGA, 5 HOA, 2 PGA, 1 JGA, 3 HOA)

24th of January 2017, 66137 6Y94 Wembley to Angerstein Wharf, 34 PG012As.


Please note that the illustrations are not scale drawings and are for information and research purposes only.
Whilst every effort has been made to verify the information, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This guide is supposed to be an aid to modellers with potential consists and is not a definitive guide to all historical workings.