Part one - The British Rail period

The PGA, design code PG012A, was built between 1978 and 1980 to replace the ageing British Rail fleet of HTV wagons. A further 10 wagons were built in 1986 to increase the fleet.
Following introduction, the 51-tonne glw, 28 tonne payload, PGA hopper wagons could be seen running from their home at Mountsorrel quarry in Leicestershire on the Midland Region to as far afield as East Anglia, the Southern Region, London and the South East and on to the Western Region. 


In addition to the 88 PG012As, the Redland fleet consisted of a further 23 PGAs, design code PG013G (ex-Tilbury Roadstone) and 6 of the PG009B wagons which were built by Procor in 1984.

A variety of locomotives were used to work the services out of Mountsorrel quarry which included classes 20, 25, 31, 33, 37, 45, 47, 56, 58, 60 and 73.
In 1987 with the advent of sectorisation by BR, a dedicated pool of nine class 56s from Toton depot, outbased at Leicester, were allocated for aggregate traffic in the area. This was pool FALX which at the time included the following class 56s; 56058-65 and 56070. However, despite the dedicated pool of class 56s, on odd occasions other classes could be seen working these services.


During the British Rail period, the main services operated by Redland, which included PGA wagons with design code PG012A from their Mountsorrel quarry were as follows;


6C31 08:30 Mountsorrel to Radlett, Monday to Saturdays
6C23 10:00 Mountsorrel to Kennet/Barham (split train), 3 days a week
(Depending on demand, the train was split at March with portions then forwarded to Kennet and Barham)
6C23 10:00 Mountsorrel to Trowse or Tallington
6C33 19:00 Mountsorrel to Elstow, MW Th
Or a special 19:00 Mountsorrel to Aylesbury FO
6O94 1000 Mountsorrel to Bat and Ball FO


Return workings;
6F31 13:15 Radlett to Mountsorrel, Mondays to Saturdays
6M25 18:30 Kennet to Mountsorrel
6M25 18:00 Barham to Mountsorrel
6M25 18:30 Trowse/17:25 Tallington to Mountsorrel
6F33 23:44 Elstow to Mountsorrel, MW Th
Special 15:25 Aylesbury to Mountsorrel, Saturdays
6M19 0940 Bat and Ball to Mountsorrel FO


Over the years the headcodes changed along with the days that these services would run and the traction used also varied.


Rakes of 30 to 40 were the norm depending on receiving terminal and demand. 6C31 and 6C33, Radlett and Elstow respectively would often run with up to 42 loaded PGAs.
The Barham service had a maximum 23 wagon rake limit due to the short roads, which meant that the train had to be split at the terminal.


Below are some examples of historical prototype train formations from 1982 up until just before privitisation in 1994.


5th of June 1980, 25325 and 25308 6C31 Mountsorrel to Radlett stone train, rake of PGAs, PG012As.

25th of June 1980, Mountsorrel to Kennet rake of PGAs, PG012A.

19th of March 1982, 47054 6M19 Bat and Ball to Mountsorrel, rake of PGAs, PG012As.

19th of April 1982, 47331 Mountsorrel to Barham, rake of 23 PGAs, PG012As.

12th of February 1983, 33208 and 73132, 6Z19 Bat and Ball to Cricklewood, rake of 36 PGAs, PG012As.

16th of April 1983, 45063, rake of PGAs, PG012As.

29th of July 1983, 73108 and 73116 6O94 Mountsorrel to Bat and Ball, rake of 36 PGAs, PG012As.

2nd of April 1984, 56071 working a Mountsorrel to East Anglian destination, 25 wagons, including 3 PG007B (Ex-Salt) and PG012As.

23rd of July 1984, 56063 6O94 10:00 Mountsorrel to Bat and Ball, 26 PGAs, PG012As.

23rd of August 1985, 31181 and 31296 6F35 14:44 Radlett to Mountsorrel Sidings 42 PGAs, mixed rake of PGAs, including 7 Railease PG011Bs, PG009As and PG012As.

9th of August 1985, 56088 Trowse to Mountsorrel empties, mixed rake of 32 PGAs, including 3 Railease PGAs, PG009As and PG012As.

June 1986, 20142 and 20006 Mountsorrel to unknown destination, rake of 38 PGAs including PG012As, 2 Railease PG011Bs and  2 PG009Bs.

24th of February 1987, 56059 6L23 Mountsorrel to Trowse, rake of 32 PG012As.

20th of June 1987, 56060 March Up Yard to Mountsorrel, mixed rake of PGAs.

27th of July 1987, 56063 6E23 Mountsorrel to Trowse, 5 PGAs and 15 PBAs.

26th of Feb 1988, 47146 6Y41 March Up Yard to Kennett/Barham, mixed rake of 19 PGAs, including 17 PG012As, 1 PG011B and 1 PG009A.

27th of Feb 1988 45037 6H44 Kennett/Barham - March, mixed rake of PGAs including, 13 PG012As, 3 Railease PG011Bs, 1 PG013G and 1 PG009A

31st of March 1988, 20021 and 20004 6Y41 March - Kennett/Barham, mixed rake of 15 PGAs including, 3 PG013Gs and 12 PG012As.

7th of May 1988, 37009, 6H44 Kennet to March, mixed rake of PGAs including, PG013G and PGA012As.

27th of July 1988, 20145 and 20202 6Y41 March - Kennett/Barham mixed rake of 16 PGAs including, 3 PG013G, 2 Railease PG011Bs and 11 PG012As.

16th of September 1988, 56065 6L23 Mountsorrel-Trowse mixed rake of 21 PGAs including, 2 PG009As, 1 PG013G and 18 PG012As.

20th of March 1989, 58047 Mountsorrel to Elstow, mixed rake of a PGAs including, PG009As, PG013Gs and PG012As.

27th of March 1990, 60005 and 56064, Mountsorrel to Radlett, mixed rake of PGAs including, PG009As, PG013Gs and PG012As.

13th of Feb 1991, 56103 Mountsorrel to Elstow, mixed rake of 39 PGAs including, PG009As, PG013Gs and PG012As.

3rd of March 1991, 56061 Mountsorrel to Aylesbury, mixed rake of PGAs including, PG009As, PG013Gs and PG012As.

22nd of April 1991, 47347 unknown working, short rake of 6 PGAs, 5 PG012As and 1 PG013G

22nd of April 1991, 60005 60054 6C31 08:27 SX Mountsorrel to Radlett, mixed rake of PGAs including, PG012As, PG009As and PG013Gs.

23rd of March 1992, 60083 and 60096 Radlett to Mountsorrel, mixed rake of wagons including KPAs and PGAs.

27th of May 1992, 6Z43 Trowse to Mountsorrel, 60083 mixed rake of PGAs including PG012A and PG013G.

1st of August 1992, 60011 6C31 08:37 Mountsorrel to Radlett, mixed rake of 44 PGAs including PG012As, PG009As and PG013Gs.

1992, 56059, Mountsorrel to Kennet, rake of 16 PGAs including, 3 PG013Gs and 13 PG012As.

20th of February 1993, 56054 and 56105 6V20 SO Mountsorrel to Didcot, mixed rake of PGAs.

8th of June 1993, 56056 6L23 Mountsorrel to Barham, mixed rake of 15 PGAs including, 2 PG013Gs and 13 PG012As.

October 1993, Dutch 37 working 6M25 Kennet to Mountsorrel, mixed rake of PGAs including 11 PG012As, 1 PG009B and 3 PG013G.

23rd of July 1993, 60011, 6M25 March to Mountsorrel, mixed rake of 36 PGAs, including Pg013Gs and PG012As.


Please note that the illustrations are not scale drawings and are for information and research purposes only.
Whilst every effort has been made to verify the information, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This guide is supposed to be an aid to modellers with potential consists and is not a definitive guide to all historical workings.


Part two - The Post-privitisation period to follow.